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Drive Website Traffic Unconventionally, Force Your Children To Do It

If you believe that every little bit helps then keep reading...

For the past two summers my son has dabbled in entrepreneurialism.

He started by mowing lawns, what kid hasn't done that? It's time tested and money in the bank. (The grass always keeps growing...unless you live in the arctic.)

Last summer we brainstormed a little and bought some gear for under a hundred bux and he started going door-to-door asking people if he could hand-wash their cars for 10 bux a pop. (he used the same client list he had built from mowing lawns also, he's a smart kid!)

This year we, I should say HE because HE does all the work lol, went a step further.

He's been offering his clients an 'interior auto detailing' service for $25 bux (not including the $10 for hand-wash service.)

About 75% his clients take him up on the offer which means he now gets thirty-five bux an hour (it takes him about an hour for total service.)

Compare that to any auto-detailing service in your area, it's a great price for the service you get, period!

I've seen his work, he's very good! The little rascal charges his old man $20. (He calls it the family discount, LOL, if we were American I'm sure he would be a Republican. We're Canadian.)

He's averaging between $500-$800 per week! His clients love his service so much he only spends about an hour a day door-knocking for new clients.

He works 4-6 hours per day four days a week.

Myself having been an entrepreneur for the past ten years approached my son and asked him if he would hand out business cards promoting my website.

He said.....get this....."WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME DAD?"

As I was choking back tears of pride I realized he was well on his way to becoming a successful businessMAN......

..........then he rejected my offer of one dollar per business card, and counter-offered a buck and a half.

Well I did what any 'good' father would do.......I took away his X-Box!!!

That'll learn 'em, HAHAHAHAHA!

I'M KIDDING................we met in the middle and settled on a buck and a quarter. That's pretty good for him considering all he has to do is ask the following;

"Hey Mister, You own a computer?" If they say yes he hands over a card and says "Check it out"

If they say no, he says "Know anyone interested in making extra money at home? Give this card to them please"

My card simply has my URL ONLY on it. http://www.helpfuldynamics.com

I've sold over twenty of his clients wanting my various information pacakages. This has been in the last month alone!

His clients trust him and I don't think they would have bought from me if it had not been for my son Anthony, who is 15 years old by the way!

What are your kids doing this summer? Why not teach them about entrepreneurialism?

McDonalds is a great place to work I guess if your kids will accept minimum wage and being worked like a dog.

Why not pass on your entrepreneurial spirit to your kids now while they're still impressionable.

What? No kids?

Start this business yourself, and hire the neighbors kid.

You line up the appointments, the kid does the detailing and hand-washing and split the take.


Hope this gets your kids off the couch/computer games this summer!

About The Author:

Ron Howell, an entrepreneur for the past ten years, in mailorder, courier services, as a finder,and now making his way into Internet Marketing.

"Pass on your knowledge and you live forever!"

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