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Herb Filled Pillows Make Over a Million Dollars

Lauren Rosenstadt was a single mom working at a herbcompany in Bethesda, Maryland. A herb (pronounced "erb") isa plant that has medicinal, savory, or aromic qualities.
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The 9 Key Distinctions of Successful Solo-Entrepreneurs!

SUCCESSFUL Solo-Entrepreneurs approach life and business from a perspective that is new, fresh, and rather unorthodox. The differences are subtle, yet significant.

10 Essential Tips for Starting Entrepreneurs - Ignore these at your Peril!

1. Do What You LOVE: If you've chosen your business because you read that this niche was the next hot one, or because your favorite uncle (or your best friend) thinks you'd be well-suited for this business, you may as well pack up now and save yourself some time and money.

Reducing the Stress of Being an Entrepreneur

Starting and running your own business can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be very stressful. For most of our almost 40 year marriage my husband has been an entrepreneur and I have sometimes worked with him.

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Shoot Themselves In The Foot

Entrepreneurs and their businesses have a tendency to ambush themselves when they aren't looking. This affects how much revenue they can generate, how fast their business rises, and even if they survive after the first few years.

Lessons Learned from Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of high achievers. They create things, get things started: businesses, clubs, churches, associations, even nations.

7 Lean Marketing Laws For The Inspired Entrepreneur

The following laws will provide guidance on how to act,think and work in a lean way. You can apply these laws toall areas of your life, work and business to get biggerresults from the time you invest.

Electronic Tools for Entrepreneurial Success

"Half of any job is having the right tool" was one of the earliest lessons I learned from my father growing up on a farm in Nebraska. As an organizing and productivity consultant, it continues to serve me well.

Traits of The Successful Entrepreneur

Want to know why certain people succeed and others don't. Well successful people have certain traits? Do you have them? Business has changed a great deal over the years.

5 TIPS for Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs

Have you ever heard that only a small part (5%) of 'all' Home-Based Business entrepreneurs achieve success?Do an online research on your favorite Search Engine and you will understand what I mean.In this article I'm going to show you the KEY to Home-Based Business entrepreneurs success; you'll find out what makes an entrepreneur succesful in the home-based business field.

The Six "F" Words Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Start your own business, and soon enough, you find yourself in a situation where there are many things you want to say, all of them unprintable.It happens to every entrepreneur - a moment of extreme challenge that causes you to wonder why you started the (expletive) business in the first place.

Compensating for Your Entrepreneurial Style-or Lack of Style

I recently took an entrepreneurial quiz which evaluated my answers and informed me I would do best as a hired hand! So why am I a successful home business owner? Because I've learned to fill the holes in my entrepreneurial style, and compensate for my deficiencies. Let's start with a list of qualities that might benefit someone working for him/herself: 1.

What Makes An Entrepreneur Tick?

It is only natural that when you start a business, you are doing something different than most people. They not only will look at you because you stick out like a sore thumb _ but human nature will cause people to naturally ridicule what you are doing.

Raising Entrepreneurs: What to Do When Your Kid is Born to Think Differently

Adolescence brings with it many challenges - for both parents and kids. Young people, still new to the world, are embarking on a journey to discover their passions, joys, and authentic self-images.

The 7 Traits of an Exceptional & Successful Entrepreneur

How often have you either referred to or considered the expression, "Success is a journey and not a Destination?" Probably many times, yet often being in a hurry to get there, we forget that success is not an end unto itself, but is instead an ongoing process.Though some people seem to have the Midas touch and easily turn everything to gold, most of us have to give our endeavors lots of time, effort and the sweat of our brow before seeing things come to fruition.

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How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur (If You Aren't Mark Zuckerberg)  Entrepreneur

You don't need to be a startup unicorn to succeed; you just need to be the best and most strategic version of your entrepreneurial self.

Allyson Byrd's 'Church' for Entrepreneurs Encourages Spirituality to Accelerate Your Profits  Entrepreneur

The renowned sales expert dishes on how to boost your revenue by creating a movement and explains why making money doesn't have to be so hard.

How to Create a Growth Mindset as an Entrepreneur  Entrepreneur

At the end of the day, it's up to you to determine what you're capable of.

'Sharing Economy' Opportunities Are Out There for Savvy Entrepreneurs Willing to Dare  Entrepreneur

Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs to create the next Uber or Airbnb. Are you up for the challenge?

11 Fears Every Entrepreneur Must Overcome  Entrepreneur

Fear is a fundamental part of human psychology. Our brains are wired to feel fear because it helps us avoid calamity; it keeps us safe. But fear can also hold us ...

Instagram influencers add beauty entrepreneur to their titles  CBS News

These self-made celebrities are launching their own skincare, makeup, and subscription box services and creating competition for more traditional brands.

The Food Industry Is a 'Gold Rush' for Entrepreneurs, Says the Founder of Krave Jerky and a $40 Million Marshmallow Brand  Entrepreneur

In this ongoing column, The Digest, Entrepreneur.com News Director Stephen J. Bronner speaks with food entrepreneurs and executives to see what it took to ...

USCA alum Antonio Evans, fitness entrepreneur, to speak at university's convocation  Aiken Standard

Antonio D. Evans, a graduate of USC Aiken's class of 2001, will be the keynote speaker Thursday for the university's convocation ceremony.

Blockchain Could Unlock Access to Stock Exchanges for Entrepreneurs Worldwide  Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs in the developing world seeking capital and investors looking for opportunity. Blockchain is the solution for them both.

Outer Banks Mom: The age of the entrepreneur  The Outer Banks Voice

When my family and I moved here about 8 years ago, we felt like we'd hit the lottery. My husband and I would walk circles around our small condo after we put ...

Overconfidence: separating the entrepreneur from the wantrepreneur | LSE Business Review  USAPP American Politics and Policy (blog)

The staggering fortunes created by unicorn tech startups has led to a pursuit of the entrepreneurial dream. But while many people pursue the entrepreneurial ...

Robert H. Henley, entrepreneur  Amherst Bee

Robert H. “Bob” Henley, of Williamsville, died Monday, Nov. 19, 2018. Mr. Henley was born on Dec. 1, 1929, in Barberton, Ohio, to Henry and Irene Henley.

This Coworking-Space Franchise Is Winning Without the WeWork-style Perks  Entrepreneur

Office Evolution might not have kombucha on tap, but it has a nationwide community of entrepreneurs who are willing to lend a helping hand.

'The Profit' star Marcus Lemonis: 5 signs you shouldn't start your own business  CNBC

It's not easy to be an entrepreneur, and according to Marcus Lemonis, self-made multimillionaire and star of CNBC's "The Profit," not everyone is cut out for it.

Eight Saudi Entrepreneurs Paving The Future  Entrepreneur

A look at some of the Saudi entrepreneurs that are worth watching out for at the conference.

How to Get More Out of Every Day: Lifestyle Optimization for High Performers  Entrepreneur

We only have 24 hours a day -- here's how to get the most out of every second.

How to Scale Fast and Win the Race to Market  Entrepreneur

Newsflash: Your big idea is not your ticket to millions of dollars. Even if you manage to think of something completely outside-the-box, there are 12 other people ...

The Problems #MeToo Can't Reach  Entrepreneur

Last year, I volunteered to judge a business plan competition for incarcerated men at a local prison. One of the hosts was a local venture capitalist, known ...

Why Aubrey Marcus Says You Should Focus on One Thing -- but More Than One Product  Entrepreneur

In this video at Entrepreneur Live!, Onnit CEO and Founder Aubrey Marcus breaks down how his company has grown from its simple beginnings and early ...

Update: The Stock Market Is Still All Over the Place  Entrepreneur

The volatile stock market followed a familiar pattern today, falling sharply in the morning and roaring back in the afternoon. The Dow Industrials index was down ...

Why Entrepreneurs Are the Athletes of the 21st Century  Entrepreneur

Names like Jack Ma, Marc Benioff, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are inspiring a new generation of youth.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Former NFL Athletes  Forbes

What every entrepreneur can learn from from former NFL players who've become entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Are the Celebrities of the Business World  Entrepreneur

The concept of auctioning celebrity experiences for charity is not new -- we know that walking the red carpet with Bradley Cooper or getting on stage with ...

Thieves steal generator from young entrepreneur's food truck in Memphis | FOX13  FOX13 Memphis

Bold thieves grounded a young Memphis entrepreneur over the weekend.

As Your Company Scales, These Are the 8 Keys to Hiring the Right Team Members  Entrepreneur

Hiring is central to growth, but it's also one of the biggest barriers a company comes up against when trying to grow fast. At Drift, we've grown from 100 to 250 ...

Melbourne entrepreneur Harry Wang's solution to waste crisis? Recycle it here  The Australian Financial Review

Melbourne entrepreneur Harry Wang says he has a solution to the waste crisis sparked when China decided to stop taking waste from Australia for recycling.

Danica Patrick: 'For Anything to Be Successful, It Needs to Come From a Place of Passion'  Entrepreneur

You might not think of a racecar driver as the typical entrepreneur. Danica Patrick had a full-time job of driving racecars, not working in an incubator, but she's ...

The Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur: An Interview With Alex Dee  The Good Men Project

1. In your experience, what kind of mindset should one have to be a successful entrepreneur? Absolutely. It's challenging to come up with just one ingredient.

How This Entrepreneur Bounced Back After Losing a Partnership, Laying Off Her Team and Dealing with $100 Million at Stake  Entrepreneur

Kate Stillwell, founder and CEO of Jumpstart, a natural disaster insurance startup, built her company back up after a devastating blow.

Local entrepreneur helps teach children about food in Freeport  WGME

PORTLAND (WGME) -- A local food entrepreneur is teaming up with a local school to help teach kids about the fine art of cooking and to give them a greater ...

From Rwf 40, 000, young entrepreneur now owns multi-million avocado oil firm  The New Times

Euphrosine Niyidukunda's products are on display at RYAF's shop in downtown Kigali where young entrepreneurs exhibit and sell their innovative products.

Waking Up at 5 a.m. Isn't Enough to Make You a Successful Entrepreneur  Entrepreneur

Many business experts and life-hackers swear by their morning routines. They believe these habits are key to continuous learning and developing the kind of ...

Learn to Speed Read and Retain More Information  Entrepreneur

Reading is an excellent way to keep your brain's muscle trained and ready for anything.

Jeff Bezos Is Quietly Betting on These 15 Companies -- Why You Should, Too  Entrepreneur

See where the Amazon founder is investing his money.

The 3 Dumbest Business Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make Most Often  Entrepreneur

When starting up as a new entrepreneur, the first thing to do is avoid making constant business blunders, no matter how insignificant they seem.

4 Growth Hacks to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet  Entrepreneur

Want to grow your business to new heights next year without spending a ton of money? If the answer is yes -- and it should be -- then you need to take ...

How Infertility Catapulted One Entrepreneur From Clean Energy to Women's Health  Fortune

Future Family CEO Claire Tomkins left SolarCity to found a fertility startup after her own experience with IVF.

Five Things That Can Help Democratize Entrepreneurship  NationSwell

From expanding the scope of venture capital to reimagining mentorship, here are some ways to bring underrepresented voices into the fold.

Here's What Drives Maria Sharapova as an Athlete and Entrepreneur  The Advocate

In an interview at Entrepreneur LIVE!, tennis champion Maria Sharapova says she is driven to constantly improve herself. That can be a tall task for someone ...

How a Subprime Banking Workaround Could Crush Your Retirement  Entrepreneur

Here's the dirty little secret your bank doesn't want you to know.

Artists Passionate About Their Work Have Many Lessons for Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Nobody follows their passion more ardently or takes bigger risks than an artist.

Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Panic About the Bitcoin Slump  Entrepreneur

The spike in the price of Bitcoin at the end of 2017 caused a frenzy of excitement as people rushed to invest their money in the new phenomenon of ...

Executive And Entrepreneur Amber Grimes Named To Newly-Created Post As Senior Vice President Of Global Creative For Capitol Music Group  PRNewswire

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Highly-regarded music industry executive and entrepreneur Amber Grimes has been named to the ...

4 Tips on How to up Your Game With the Live-Streaming Videos Customers Already Love  Entrepreneur

Livestreams are considered one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. According to a report released by Facebook, viewers spend three ...

'NextGen Women' Outperform (Men) in Business. And They're Coming Into the Workforce  Entrepreneur

A new report finds it pays to have younger women on business teams. Will you include them on yours?

Indian Organic Food Industry: Trends Forecast 2019  Entrepreneur

With Indian Organic Food industry growing in double-digit during 2013-2017, it would not be wrong to say that the industry will perform well in 2019.

5 tips from Roland S. Martin on becoming an entrepreneur  Poynter

“I've never seen more ignorant people about business than journalists,” Roland S. Martin said at the start of his talk to 25 journalists at Poynter's Leadership ...

Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur? The Secret Lies In Your MBA Network  BusinessBecause

Lancaster University Management School's 40000 strong alumni network helped Ankur Agrawal realize his entrepreneurial dreams.

Laying Out ArabNet's Innovation Report: A Look At Saudi Arabia's Tech Startup Scene  Entrepreneur

The Saudi Arabian tech startup scene is continuously on the rise compared to the MENA ecosystems. A year ago, ArabNet dove into the Kingdom's ecosystem ...

3 Popular Trends Young Entrepreneurs Can't Afford to Follow  Entrepreneur

You need to focus on making money. Distractions can be fatal.

Leading youth entrepreneurs of the year unveiled  Standard Digital

The awards are designed to identify upcoming and industrious entrepreneurs aged below 35 years with great business acumen.

Arix appoints Dr Christian Schetter as Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR)  BioSpace

Published: Dec 11, 2018. LONDON, 11 December 2018: Arix Bioscience plc (LSE:ARIX) ("Arix"), a global healthcare and life science company supporting ...

How Millennials are Marketing to Gen Z  Entrepreneur

Although millennials are continually classified as being between the ages of 18-34, the reality is, they are likely older than that. Millennials are more accurately ...

How to Become a World Class Speaker  Entrepreneur

Notice to the speaking industry -- Gary Vaynerchuk is in business to disrupt it. *Fresh* off the release of his "Gary Vee 003 Clouds & Dirt" sneaker, a collaboration ...

Entrepreneur plans to change industry  Mid Sussex Times

An entrepreneur from Haywards Heath aims to revolutionise the recruitment industry and is risking everything on it.

5 Ways to Harness Your Fear, According to Entrepreneur's Editor in Chief  Entrepreneur

Everyone faces it. Not everyone conquers it. Next Article. --shares. Add to Queue. 5 Ways to Harness Your Fear, According to Entrepreneur's Editor in Chief.

10 steps to take before making that final entrepreneurship leap  CNBC

If you decide to transition from working for others to going into business for yourself, here are 10 steps you should take before opening shop to ensure your ...

A Wake-Up (Sales) Call to Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Selling is not something just for the sales staff, nor is it some automatic phenomena. It's a skill any founder can and ought to acquire.

Five Books of 2018 That Every Entrepreneur Should Read  Entrepreneur

From the daily routines of leaders, to how to deal with failure and the life inside the Silicon Valley, there is much to learn from this year's published works.

No degree - but for this Singaporean entrepreneur, it doesn't define success  Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE: For Lee Zhi Peng, deciding not to go to university was, contrary to what others may think, not a difficult decision to make. After ...

Why Women Entrepreneurs Have Such a Hard Time Building Big Corporations  Entrepreneur

More women start small businesses but are less likely to transition to big business, or have a gross revenue of $1 million or more. In the words of Entrepreneur ...

Study by Bench Accounting highlights how entrepreneurs 30 and under are shifting the self-employment landscape  PRNewswire

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Bench, North America's largest bookkeeping *service*, announced today the results of a new ...

McClure Junior High entrepreneurs learn to sink or swim  Chicago Tribune

The three boys are students at McClure Middle School in Western Springs and they're enrolled in an entrepreneurship class. As part of the class, the students ...

How One Founder Breaks Free From Statistics and Labels  Entrepreneur

Many descriptors can apply to Trumbull Unmanned Founder Dyan Gibbens: veteran, mom, entrepreneur, Latina, pilot, role breaker; she says none of that ...

3 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Entrepreneurial Path  Entrepreneur

Life as an entrepreneur can often feel like being in the middle of a natural disaster. There are daily fires to put out, endless lists of things to do and relationships ...

Song Hoi-see of Plaza Premium Lounge Management is EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 Malaysia  Digital News Asia

Song was picked from among the 15 top nominees vying for the title.

Green Bay entrepreneur charged with theft  Green Bay Press Gazette

GREEN BAY – An entrepreneur on the cusp of launching a new athletic performance product he pitched to the NFL has been charged with theft for depositing ...

This Simple Change Can Make More Prospects Say "Yes" to Your Offers  Entrepreneur

Give your potential clients and customers something easy to agree on first, then work from there.

Robotics: A Threat to Manpower?  Entrepreneur

The advancement of the technology in today's times has overcome all the barriers and has become a necessity for us and the several generations to come.

Nostalgic dream of young Sheffield entrepreneur turns into business success  Sheffield Telegraph

A young Sheffield entrepreneur is taking diners back in time as a feeling of nostalgia pervades every corner of her successful cafe in Woodhouse.

Check Out the Top Company Cultures of 2018 (Infographic)  Entrepreneur

How do you want to shape your company culture in the coming year? From November 2017 to November 2018, careers site Comparably surveyed nearly 10 ...

5 Ways to Stop Skipping the Hard Questions of Entrepreneurship  Entrepreneur

Don't get so excited that you forget why you're working on the product in the first place.

General Motors' Layoffs Present Ample Opportunities for Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Driverless cars are the future. From software to support production to algorithms to battery technology, companies like yours will be needed.

This young entrepreneur and lifelong resident of NW Goldberg is modeling neighborhood resilience  Model D

Daniel Washington, 25, founded Original Creativity in 2017 to help revitalize his home neighborhood of NW Goldberg, an area that's been heavily disinvested ...

The Facebook Papers Are a Timely Reminder That Mark Zuckerberg Is Totally Ruthless About Making Money  Entrepreneur

If you take one thing away from wading through 250 pages of Facebook documents, it is this: Here is a company that is totally ruthless about growth.

15 Free Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use  Forbes

You can go broke fast as a new entrepreneur. Here are 15 free tools to help you get started and even grow a sizable business, while preserving your funding for ...

Serial Entrepreneur Amar Sawhney on Role Models, Business-Family Balance and Future Plans  India New England

WALTHAM, MA—On Thursday, Dec. 13, serial medical entrepreneur Amar Sawhney will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from TiE Boston, one of the ...

Why entrepreneurship isn't a one man show  ReadMe Sri Lanka

Entrepreneurship is by no means a walk in the park, A few years ago, when I was working in Chile, I met a budding young entrepreneur (let's call him Eduardo) ...

The Secret to Success No One Tells Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Kim Perell's first business venture left her bankrupt and lost, but she didn't give up. She had a big idea for online marketing, and when the banks refused to offer ...

Young entrepreneurs in Pontiac holding small business expo learn finances, life lessons  The Oakland Press

A program built to teach kids hands on lessons about financial literacy and entrepreneurship will be hosting its third annual Kids Business Expo this weekend in ...

Forget Product-Market Fit. Find Your Market, Then Build Your Product.  Entrepreneur

The idea of product-market fit needs to be flipped on its head entirely.

Entrepreneur 'comes clean' about struggles, triumphs of becoming one's own boss  ABS-CBN News

What are the responsibilities a boss carries in a company? How does a boss evolve, learn, and succeed? A Filipino entrepreneur shares how she did it.

Don't Let These 3 Threats Kill Your Startup's Mission in Its First 5 Years  Entrepreneur

The first five years can be brutal, but sticking to your mission -- the reason why you started -- is the way to go. Do that by avoiding these pitfalls.

How to Transition From a Corporate Job to Being an Entrepreneur  Entrepreneur

If you've been contemplating ditching your 9-to-5 for self-employment, here are five things that will make your transition easier in the long-term.

Here's Every State's Favorite Holiday Movie (Infographic)  Entrepreneur

New York is partial to The Apartment, while Georgia went with Gremlins. See where your favorite film stacked up.

Top 25 Best Undergrad Programs for Entrepreneurs in 2019  Entrepreneur

The Princeton Review, in partnership with Entrepreneur, ranks the top undergraduate programs at universities.

BREAKING  Orangeville Banner

An Orangeville entrepreneur is planning to bring a bowling alley to town but the plans aren't as grandiose as a recent Facebook post would have you believe.

Simplifying Digital Transformation at Your Small Business  Entrepreneur

Digital transformation offers something for every company -- although that something may be different in every case.

Why Scheduling Beats Hustling Every Time  Entrepreneur

Think about every successful person in business, sports, entertainment or politics who has ever given an interview. How many of them went on TV and said, ...

This entrepreneur went from selling cookie dough to running one of Seattle’s fastest-growing startups  GeekWire

It was a normal day for Cole Morgan. The former collegiate quarterback was making the rounds, visiting different high schools as a salesman for cookie dough ...

You Must Lead With Empathy to Achieve These 5 Crucial Leadership Goals  Entrepreneur

When you look around these days, it's easy to feel a little alarmed by the state of interpersonal relations. Whether at work or in our personal lives, it's just not easy ...

How You Should Be Rethinking Social to Minimize Your Next Brand Crisis  Entrepreneur

In a crisis, brands with a strong social strategy have much more influence than their print-limited predecessors ever did.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Marvel Master Stan Lee  Entrepreneur

We entrepreneurs should remember that we are the authors of our own destinies and the superheroes of our own stories.

33 Daily Habits Practiced by Successful Entrepreneurs and Executives  Inc.

Doing the same things day after day is fine, as long as your habits push you to be your most productive and healthy self. But many people don't examine how ...

Anheuser-Busch's New York Office is Home to the Workplace Brewery of Your Dreams  Entrepreneur

The casual workplace culture keeps the beer giant's staff happy and collaborative.

This Veterans Day, Let's Focus on Helping Ex-Military Become Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Honoring veterans each Veterans Day is important, but helping our veterans succeed following their *service* to our country is even more so.

How Serial Entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore Jump-Starts a New Company  Inc.

Marcia Kilgore is the most successful entrepreneur you've never heard of.

Puerto Rico needs more entrepreneurs. What's being done to help them?  NBCNews.com

While business owners in Puerto Rico have survived Hurricane Maria, the island needs to build support and incentives to foster entrepreneurship, according to ...

'Shark Tank' gives $200000 worth of holiday cheer to Southlake entrepreneur's Hire Santa business  Dallas News

Getting on Shark Tank isn't easy, even if you know Santa Claus.Texas native Mitch Allen emerged with a $200000 investment from celebrity Barbara...

Maria Sharapova Built a Business Empire Thanks to Her Winning Team  Entrepreneur

Even in black sweatpants and basic white sneakers, Maria Sharapova is impossible to miss. We meet in late spring in Sarasota, Fla., at the IMG Academy ...

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